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Thermoplastic elastomer is a fully recyclable material. Its recycling capabilities have strongly increased the use of the material. TPE has good chemical- and weather-resistance (from -50 °C to +120 °C). TPE is manufactured at a hardness of 0 ShA – 90 ShA. In addition, there are special materials for the food industry and self-extinguishing materials (UL-94 V0).

TPE has properties similar to rubber. TPE enables products that combine soft and hard grades. Using the latest technology, it is also possible to control extremely hard grades, which enables new product solutions and mechanical installation. Profiles can be manufactured in various colours. The latest products include combinations of foam and hard TPE.

Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber has superior temperature resistance properties compared to other materials. Using various additives, the properties of silicone rubber can be adapted to different operating environments. Examples include special materials for the paper and pulp industry.
Extruded hardness 40–80 ShA, operating temperature -80 °C – +250 °C, momentarily over +300 °C.

Silicone rubber is perfect for demanding conditions. It has excellent weather and ozone resistance. Silicone profiles are perfect for the construction and metal industries. Profiles can be manufactured according to the RAL colour chart. Silicone profiles are also made to be inductile, enabling automatic installation.

Fluorosilicone has excellent oil and chemical resistance.
Silicone foam enables the combination of a very soft seal and a hard frame.

Flame retardants

For fire-rated applications. Special materials are used in fire doors, trains and ships.
Thermosil Fire X is certified according to the following standards: EN45545-2 R2/HL2 & R22,23/HL3, DIN 5510 Part 2 Classification, UNE 23-727 Classification M1, NFF 16-101 and 102, IMO FTPC Parts 2 & 5, UL 94 V Classification V0, UIC 564-2

Basic properties of materials

Property Silicone TPE TPU
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5
Tensile strength                        
Compression set                        
Cold resistance                        
Weather resistance                        
Ozone resistance                        
Fire resistance                        
Oil and petrol resistance                        
Hardness Sh 40 - 80 30A - 45D (60) 80A - 60D
Strength max MPa 12 10 45
Breaking strain 400% 300% 650%
Tear strength N/mm     55
Max temperature 200 90 90
Cold resistance -80 -50 -50 

Grades: 1=Poor, 2=Satisfactory, 3=Good, 4=Very good, 5=Excellent